• On-Site Horse Health Program

Individual stable visit and horse evaluation, depends on local availability.

$ 395 per horse. 5 horses at stable or more : $ 325

Call 855-409-8500 to make an appointment.

Evaluates root causes for chronic symptoms.

Determines nutritional status, feed program and performance potential for each horse.

Results in individual 90-day restore program and suggestions for diet, feed, supplements and management for each horse.

Post-appointment coaching for 90 days via text and phone. 

Appointments can take from 45 minutes to 2 hours per horse.

Areas which we address: Wellness, Performance, Chronic Issues

For an estimate on long-distance in person-visits call us at +1-855-409-8500 or email us.

This is NOT Veterinary diagnostic or treatment. This is education and coaching. 

Call your state licensed Veterinarian if you need help with a disease or injury in your horse. 

A few examples of what will be addressed during the stable visit :

Wellness: Make your horse look and feel the best, "Equi-Sculpt" your horse

Performance: Learn how to maximize your horses potential for your discipline

Chronic Issues: Metabolic, endocrine, digestive, chronic tendency to colic, poor hoof growth, tendency to ligament- or tendon injuries

Unspecific signs, examples:

Muscle tightness, lack of top-line, needs muscle, resistance to leg, sensitivity to touch, anxiety, spookiness, poor performance, bad mood, unhappiness, stocking up, behavioral issues.

Weight issues, hard keepers, easy keepers, chronic diarrhea, bloatedness, smelly manure, eating dirt or shavings... any mystery issue. 

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On-Site Horse Health Program

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  • $395.00

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