Perform Rx is a show safe, all natural, amino acid based circulation promoter. Great as a preventative formula to protect tendons and ligaments and/or after injuries to boost the healing process. Good formula for horses who "stock up". Stocking up is a sign of reduced circulation. 

The formula increases circulation, delivery of oxygen and nutrients to hoof, tendons, ligaments, stomach and muscle. Oxygen is important for muscle recovery, to provide aerobic environment for performance, and to keep a healthy pH in the tissue. Improved circulation also helps to remove toxins from the tissue, deliver nutrients to areas which are often poorly circulated and overall it makes workload less stressful on the body. 

Highly recommended for performance horses and horses with previous tendon- or ligament injuries or non-optimal bio-mechanical angles. 

Ideal for show season, for rehabilitation, to shorten recovery time from injuries, to increase hoof growth, tendon- and ligament healing, to boost muscular performance and physical energy without creating mental anxiety. 

Also great to promote circulation in senior horses or horses with reduced exercise regimen. 

This is a very effective yet fully natural circulation booster, based on natural amino acids, minerals and herbs. Regulates peripheral circulation, therefore also promotes sweating in horse with anhydrosis. 

FEI and USEF safe ingredients. 

Helpful for horses with navicular issues, circulatory problems (stocking-up), need for more hoof growth in any hoof condition, suspensory weakness, recovery from bowed tendons and for any chronic issues which require better blood flow to hoof, tendons, ligaments and muscle. 

A holistic proprietary blend of whole foods, herbs, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. 

Packaging Bag
Formulation Powder
X Days Supply 160
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Perform Rx circulation boost for tendons, hoof, ligaments, stomach

  • Brand: Equolution
  • Product Code: Perform VitMin Rx 10 lb
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