• Customized Nutrition program for horses Long-Distance (worldwide)

Our team of Equine Nutritionists and consulting veterinarians work with horses of all disciplines, ages and breeds anywhere in the world. Because soil and hay composition varies by location, your horse has specific local nutritional needs in addition to individual requirements. Using our comprehensive database, we will provide you with a detailed written analysis and individualized nutritional program. Our nutritionist will spend several hours with the assessment and program development for your horse. A one-time 30-minute Q&A phone or skype session is included*

This is what we offer in this package: 

  • Detailed current feeding & calorie evaluations
  • Interpretation of current feed and supplements
  • Interpretation and explanation of current hay (provide results from hay analysis)
  • Assessment for individual nutritional needs
  • Assessment of current metabolism (through calorie calculation/use)
  • Risk assessment for chronic ulcers
  • Risk assessment for colics
  • Risk assessment for metabolic issues
  • Development of a customized diet
  • Programs for hard keepers & easy keepers
  • Feeding/supplement recommendations for Cushings (PPID)
  • Feeding/supplement recommendations for Equine Metabolic Syndrome
  • Feeding/supplement recommendations for Insulin Resistance
  • Programs to improve hoof quality
  • Programs to address frequent tendon/ligament injuries/re-injuries
  • Feeding suggestions for muscular problems
  • Feeding suggestions for certain behavioral problems
  • Feeding suggestions for performance issues (Lethargy, lack of energy, lack of focus, anxiety)
  • Feeding suggestions for Solutions for lack of muscle and topline 

* Additional phone time available at USD 150 per 30 minutes. 

NOTE: This is NOT Veterinary treatment. We do NOT diagnose disease, prescribe a drug or a medical treatment. If you have a medical issue, please contact your Veterinarian. 

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Customized Nutrition program for horses Long-Distance (worldwide)

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