• Individual Equine Health Service Call (At Stables)

equine veteranarian orange countyIndividual stable visit and horse evaluation, depends on local availability.

( $ 275 per horse, minimum per stable/location: 5 horses ) 

Call 855-409-8500 to make an appointment.

Determines status of general health and performance potential for each horse.

Results in individual program suggestions for diet and management for each horse.

Appointment takes about 30-45 minutes per horse.

Areas which we address: Wellness, Performance, Chronic Issues

For an estimate on long-distance in person-visits call us at +1-855-409-8500 or email us.

A few examples of what will be addressed during the stable visit :

Wellness: Make your horse look and feel the best, "Equi-Sculpt" your horse

Performance: Learn how to maximize your horses potential for your discipline

Chronic Issues / Evaluation for factors leading to :

Chronic Colic

Muscle Problems



Endocrine Problems

Metabolic Problems

Poor Hoof Quality

Poor Coat Quality

Not going forward

Hard Keepers

Easy Keepers

Lack of Muscle

Lack of Topline


Stomach Ulcers

Hind-gut Ulcers

Bloated/Gassy Belly

Anxiety, Lack of Focus

Behavioral Problems

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Individual Equine Health Service Call (At Stables)

  • Product Code: In-Person Evaluation
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $275.00

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