• Chronic Issues? Complete 90-day program incl. orthomolecular (hair) analysis

This package is ideal for many chronic problems which do not respond well to conventional Veterinary Medicine such as metabolic issues, chronic allergies, endocrine problems and much more (see list below). The price is comprised of $ 195 for the lab and $ 275 for the consultation and 90 days coaching. This program enables remote nutritional counsel to anywhere in the world.

A complete 90-day instructional program how to restore and support your horse's health and performance with a custom diet and natural formulas.

Send us a teaspoon of your horse's mane hair along with the evaluation forms. Our team of Veterinarians, nutritionists and scientists will evaluate your horse's history, lab results and photos. From the hair we determine underlying nutritional issues for lack of wellness and performance which cannot be detected in a blood test. You will receive a detailed evaluation of the combined findings plus suggestions how to eliminate / improve the issues with a custom feed program. You will have direct phone access to our Veterinarians and Nutritionists for questions during the program.

Safe, easy and effective.

Many horses manifest a symptom that when treated with legacy veterinarian approaches (i.e. pharmacological) will only mask the underlying cause but indeed never fix the cause of a horses condition.

If Veterinary Medicine cannot help, it is probably rooted in nutrition and/or an integrative approach is needed. 

The root cause of many conditions is usually a long-term nutrient deficiency in a horses diet and/or an effect of his environment, which a cellular (hair) analysis reveals. 

In the past, this program has restored the health in many horses who had the following issues: 

  • Equine Metabolic Syndrome
  • Cushings (PPID) 
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Allergies (Hives, welts, chronic cough, runny nose, teary eyes) 
  • Chronic Laminitis 
  • Horse Craving Food
  • Bleached Coat 
  • Chronic health issues (Colics, Diarrhea, bag hooves, bleached coat, muscle problems, horse just not well..)
  • Anhydrosis (Horse not sweating)
  • Commonly called "mystery issues"
  • Bad hoof quality, seedy-toe, coronary band problems, lack of heel
  • Skin problems (sarcomas, welts, hives)
  • Problems NOT responding to conventional Veterinary approach
  • Performance problems: Anxiety, refusal, lack of energy, problems focusing, not going forward
  • Performance Boosts
  • Improving general appearance
  • Muscle and topline problems
  • saddle fitting issues, needs to be fit too often
  • Preparation for sales
  • Problems after horse was imported (import was usually months ago)
  • Pre-Purchase Screening

A few examples of what this service can reveal :

  • Efficiency of feed program
  • Lack of Nutrients
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Underlying issues for performance problems
  • Underlying issues for many chronic conditions
  • Percentage of money wasted in feed
  • Underlying issues for metabolic conditions
  • Underling issues for digestive problems
  • Possible reasons for anemia not responding to Veterinary treatment
  • Reasons for weak immune system
  • Thyroid Imbalances
  • Adrenal Functions
  • Reasons for impaired bone development
  • Reasons for most muscular issues
  • Reasons for chronic digestive problems (colic, diarrhea, fecal water, ulcers)
  • Reasons for bad hooves
  • Reasons for poor coat quality
  • Reasons for poor muscle and top-line development

Make use of this powerful and affordable coaching service !

Your horse deserves it. We are here to help you help your horse. 

Disclaimer: This program is not intended to be or replace the need for Veterinary treatment.

The content on this site is for educational purposes only.

If you have an emergency please contact your local Veterinarian immediately. 

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Chronic Issues? Complete 90-day program incl. orthomolecular (hair) analysis

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