• Digest Plus Digestive Support 20 lbs

Veterinarian-designed FEI- and USEF safe and natural digestive support at clinical potency.

Can be given three to four times the maintenance dose in case of diarrhea or other digestive imbalances. 

Digest Plus contains two products in one, a full spectrum of enzymes as well as pre- and probiotics including live yeast. Your horse needs digestive enzymes to absorb food properly i the foregut. The hind-gut needs probiotics and yeast to function.

Naturally, enzymes occur in fresh plants and grass, but are not contained in hay, grains or pellets. This means without adding them back in to the diet, your horse is wasting most feed with the manure and gets deprived of essential nutrients because they cannot be absorbed. Examples  for enzymes are :

Protease for protein digestion (protein as in concentrate feed, alfalfa, ration balancers..)

Lipase for fat digestion (as in rice bran, beet pulp, Omega oils, concentrate pellets)

Amylase for starch/grain digestion (starch and sugar as in oats, performance feeds, also the starch in low-starch feeds).

Adding enzymes to the horse diet reduces the risk for stomach and hind-gut ulcers, colics and other digestive disturbances which can otherwise be produced by wrongfully digested feed material. 

Scroll down for a 2 min. educational video.

20 lbs bag = 160 feedings at only $ 0.72 / dose  FREE SHIPPING 

You can use Digest Plus to:

  • Reduce the side effects of bute treatment.
  • Boost your feed and supplement absorption
  • Put weight on a hard keeper
  • Calm a horse naturally
  • Reduce/prevent equine stomach ulcers.
  • Reduce/prevent equine diarrhea.

The pure daily Digestive Aid Product, which can be fed in addition to any existing supplementation. A 2-in-1 combo product, for the price of one.

Consists of a full-spectrum of encapsulated live* probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and brewer's yeast. Has shown to aid in prevention of certain colic types.

Daily digestive aid, nutrient and -absorption booster as well as fore- and hindgut balancer.

Contains a full-spectrum of probiotics, enzymes and live yeast to balance hind-gut pH and to boost the immune system.

Can be fed in addition to any existing Vitamin supplementation. A 2-in-1 combo product, for the price of one. 

USE: Add a 2 oz scoop full per 1,000 lbs horse to each concentrate feeding.

To add a full-spectrum of Vitamin-and Minerals to this product, check out the Daily GI Combo.

Form: Powder
20lb Economy Bag

*Be leery about products that do not mention 'live' probiotics as these are likely 'inactive' and therefore ineffective!

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Digest Plus Digestive Support 20 lbs

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