• Digest Plus Probiotics and Enzymes 20 lb

Veterinarian-designed, FEI- and USEF safe, low-starch, low-sugar complete digestive support for horses. Support for the equine stomach, foregut and hindgut. Increases absorption of nutrients from hay and bucket feed by 30-40 percent. Boosts immune system and balances hind-gut pH with live yeast. Naturally relaxes and calms horses by regulating digestive processes. 

Clinical potency, 2 products in one, enzymes plus pre- and probiotics. 

20 lb economy bag = 160 feedings 

Use Digest Plus to:

Get all your good feed and supplements absorbed and not wasted in the manure. Your horse might eat all the food but for the utilization of nutrients the presence of digestive enzymes is required, which are normally found only in green and fresh feed that horses find in the wilderness. Horses cannot make enzymes in their body in the amount it is required for proper digestion. This is why so many horses have gastro-intestinal problems.  Domesticated horses have no chance to get access to sufficient enzymes unless they are added to the daily feed. Can be increased up to three scoops per feeding to regulate soft stool or diarrhea after antibiotic treatment or illness. 

Digest Plus helps to:

Balance digestion in the whole digestive tract, stomach, foregut and hind-gut

Reduce risk for colic, gas, diarrhea and ulcers

Calm a horse. Calm gut, calm horse

Increase essential nutrient absorption and therefore increases health and wellbeing

Increase weight on hard keepers

The pure daily Digestive Aid Product, which can be fed in addition to any existing supplementation. A 2-in-1 combo product, for the price of one.

Consists of a full-spectrum of encapsulated live* probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and brewer's yeast. Has shown to aid in prevention of certain colic types. 

Daily digestive aid, nutrient and -absorption booster as well as fore- and hindgut balancer. 

Contains a full-spectrum of probiotics, enzymes and live yeast to balance hind-gut pH and to boost the immune system.

Can be fed in addition to any existing Vitamin supplementation. 

USE: Add a 2 oz scoop full per 1,000 lbs horse to each concentrate feeding.

To combine Vitamin-and Minerals with the ingredients in this product, use the  Daily GI Combo instead.
Form: Powder 

What are enzymes? Anything which ends in -ase. Examples:

Protease for protein digestion (needed to build muscle and for all health-keeping mechanisms in the body)

Lipase for fat digestion (most low-starch, low-energy feed is high in fat and lipase is needed for digestion)

Amylase for starch/grain digestion. If no amylase is present, the starch and sugars get into the hindgut, where they produce digestive upset, gas, ulcers, diarrhea and behavioral problems because the horse is uncomfortable. Such horse cannot perform at best potential. 

Therefore, adding enzymes to the horse diet improves wellness, health and performance, saves money because less has to be fed to get same results in weight and wellness, the supplements are better absorbed and the risk for digestive upset is greatly reduced. 

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Digest Plus Probiotics and Enzymes 20 lb

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