• Esprit Stress Relief

cushing disease horse treatmentPopular Stress-Relief for Show Horses and horses with elevated ACTH levels.

Supports health in horses with symptoms of PPID (Equine Cushings) 

  • Natural stress-relief and endocrine support.
  • Balances pituitary and Adrenal activity.
  • Increase stamina, recovery time, vitality, focus and muscle power
  • Reduces stress-induced symptoms such as anxiety, resistance under saddle, allergies and ulcers.
  • Developed by Veterinarians, Nutritionists and Endocrine specialists
  • Praised in numerous success stories

Dr. Gabi Gross, DVM, PhD. :" I highly recommend that you protect your performance- , senior- or Cushings- challenged horse with this natural stress relief. We designed this formula as the perfect support for every performance horse, aging horse and horse with PPID/Cushings. Travel, show and intense training put hidden stress on our horses. Stress wears out the endocrine system and the consequence is a variety of clinical, seemingly unrelated symptoms."

12-week recovery and loading period: Give 2 (30cc) scoops daily

After 12 weeks: Give one (30cc) scoop daily. In times of increased stress the dose can be increased to two scoops. Effects can be observed as in little as a few days but sometimes can take a couple of weeks depending on the pre-existing stress level of the individual horse.

Jar lasts :

One month at 2 scoops per day

Two months at 1 scoop maintenance

Ingredients : Blend of natural herbs

Contains Licorice. Check with your governing body for competitions. If in doubt, discontinue 48 hours before show.

The formula still provides effect for up to two weeks although the herbs may be out of the body.


Packaging Jar
Formulation Powder
X Days Supply 60
Item Number ES750/ES

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Esprit Stress Relief

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