• Muscle Mass Rx 10lb

Is your horse suffering from lack of topline? Do you give ulcer prevention to your horse on a regular basis? Would you like to create more muscle and stamina in your horse ?

Muscle Mass is a formula by Equolution®. Equolution® is a revolutionary, result-oriented and drug-free approach to Equine health and performance. A master-minded group of horse-enthusiastic Veterinarians and scientists made it their mission to improve Equine healthcare and to empower horse owners through unbiased knowledge.

Muscle Mass contains all essential amino acids needed for muscle building. If your horse is consistently on an ulcer prevention program which reduces the absorption of amino acids from the digestive tract, you definitely need to supplement for muscle building. If your horse is on a hay diet only, which does NOT supply enough amino acids, you should supply with an amino acid product for good muscle – and topline development.

The following observations were made by horse trainers and –owners after placing their horses on Muscle Mass by Equolution® :

  • Increased muscle building
  • Development of good topline
  • Increased stamina
  • Focused and relaxed attitude
  • More physical energy

Ingredients :

Full-spectrum amino acid profile with integrated cellular delivery mechanism.

Safe for show and racing.

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Muscle Mass Rx 10lb

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