• Cell Cleanse

Cell Cleanse (previously "Life Force")

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For horses, miniature horses and ponies


All natural detox liquid for the cellular-, liver- and lymphatic system 

For recovery, wellness and performance


Available in the following sizes:

1 QUART (32 oz)  / 1 GALLON (128 oz)


Recommended uses:

After exposure to environmental toxins, preservatives and pesticides 

Recovery from long term medication and periodic detox from metabolites

Detox after illness (Lyme, EPM, bacterial, viral and parasite infections)

Detox before or after vaccinations

Support against common allergic reactions 

Commonly observed benefits:

Improved overall immune system, increase in vitality and performance, shiny coat, reduction of inflammatory- and allergic responses. 


Feeding recommendations

Mix with bucket feed or give with oral plastic syringe


Recommended amounts as per pounds bodyweight:


30-day detox: 

First two weeks: 15 cc (1 Tablespoon) daily per 250 pound bodyweight

Second two weeks: 30 cc (2 tablespoons) daily per 250 pounds bodyweight


For daily maintenance and vitality:

7.5 cc daily per 250 pounds bodyweight 


Amounts per 1000 pound horse: 



First two weeks: 2 oz/day (Can be split into two feedings)

Second two weeks: 4 oz/day (can be split into two feedings)



1 oz/day (1 oz = 30 cc)

  Ingredients per ounce (30ml) 

  Volcanic zeolites as humic-fulvic blend (18g): 

  Humic and fulvic minerals, clinoptilolite zeolites, digestive enzyme blend (3,900 mg), Vit. C (28.8 mg), Vit B6 (36 mg), Folate (6 mg), Vit B12 (0.2 mg),

  natural trace mineral blend 


   Shelf life unopened: Two years after purchase 


Copyright Dr. Gabriele Gross 2019. All rights reserved 




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Formulation Liquid
X Days Supply 128
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Cell Cleanse

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