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Digest Plus


Digestive Health For Horses

Recommended, labeled, tested and approved by Dr. Gabriele Gross. Recommended amounts are clinically effective. A complete digestive support powder for horses.  FEI- and USEF safe, low-starch supplement powder for stomach, foregut and hindgut. 


One of Dr. Gross' "must haves". FEI- and USEF safe, low-starch supplement powder for stomach, foregut and hindgut. Increases absorption of nutrients from hay and bucket feed by 30-40 percent.

Clinical potency, 2 products in one, enzymes plus pre- and probiotics. 

5 lbs bag = 40 feedings 

20 lb bag = 160 feedings

Use Digest Plus to get all feed and supplements better absorbed and not wasted in the manure. Utilization of nutrients requires the presence of digestive enzymes, which are normally found only in green and fresh feed that horses find in the wilderness. Horses cannot make enzymes in their body in the amount it is required for proper digestion. This is why so many horses have gastro-intestinal problems.  Domesticated horses have no chance to get access to sufficient enzymes unless they are added to the daily feed. Digest Plus helps to balance digestion in the digestive tract, stomach, foregut and hindgut.

Other observed benefits:

Reduces risk for colic, gas, diarrhea and ulcers

Calm a horse. Calm gut, calm horse

Increase of essential nutrient absorption 

Increase weight on hard keepers



Crude Protein

Min. 20%

Crude Fat

Min. 2.10%

Crude Fiber

Max. 12.5%

Calcium (Ca)

Min. 9.3% - 10.4 %

Potassium (K)

Min. 1.2%





Amylase (A. oryzae)

Min.  3,040 mg starch hydrolyze/min.

Protease (A. oryzae)

Min.  2,400 mg amino hydrolyzed/min.

Cellulase (A. niger)

Min.  1,440 mg Cellulose broken down/min.

Lipase (A. oryzae)

Min.  1,120 mg triglycerides hrdrolyzed/min.

Pectinase (A. niger)

Min.  640 mg pectin broken down/min.

Phytase (A. niger)

Min.  320 mg phytate hydrolyzed/min.





L. acidophilus

Min.  800 million *cfu

B. thermophilum

Min.  800 million *cfu

E. faecium

Min.  800 million *cfu

B. longum

Min.  800 million *cfu

B. subtilis

Min.  800 million *cfu

S. cerevisiae

Min.  8,000 million *cfu

Suggested use:

Mix supplement powder with moistened feed in the following amounts (scoop included)

Bodyweight Miniature Horse, Pony or Horse

250 - 800 lb

800 - 1200 lb

Above 1200 lb

Amount for maintenance, per each bucket-feeding

0.5 scoop

1 scoop

1.5 scoops

Amount during times of bloating, gas, fecal water, diarrhea or anti-biotic treatment

1.5 scoops

3 scoops

4.5 scoops

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Digest Plus 5 lb

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