• Calico Powder

Veterinarian-approved hoof booster. Darkens bleached coat.

Amazing for horses with low heel, cracked hooves, frequent hoof abscesses, seedy toe. Balances iron overload. USEF and FEI safe.

Copper-fortified hoof and coat supplement with 20 mg Biotin and D-Methionine.

Balances iron-overload, creates heel.

Give your horse hoof material and your shoer can start re-shaping your horse's hoof step by step.

Produces powerful results with:

  • Insulin resistant horses (Iron-overload)
  • Copper or Cobalt- related anemia (find out via cell analysis from us)
  • Lack of energy / breath (as consequence of anemia)
  • "Bleached" coats
  • Poor hoof quality
  • Lack of heels, brittle hooves, seedy toe, frequent abscesses.

Mitigates copper and selenium deficiencies, to support hoof growth and Cobalt deficiencies from imbalanced hind-gut. Promotes red-blood cell production through the addition of Cobalt and Copper. Aids in Cobalt- and Copper related anemia. Especially beneficial for horses on acidic soil (Coastal areas) and with poor hoof quality, lack of heels, "seedy toe", brittle horn as well as pale gums. Needed in regions of Copper and Selenium deficiencies as well as areas of iron overload.

Ingredients (also see label) :

  • Copper
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Biotin 20 mg
  • D-Methionine 

Packaging Bag
Formulation Powder
X Days Supply 45
Item Number CO10/CTP

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Calico Powder

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