• Daily Combo Health Booster 20 lbs

Our Veterinarians most popular formula. 

They say: What good does all your feed do, if it does not get absorbed? 

According to our calculations (calories needed vs calories fed), most horses lose about HALF of all nutrients via manure.

Add this formula to change this.  

Daily Combo helps to build top line and makes your horse overall look and feel better.

Because this is a nutrient booster, basically multiply the power of EVERYTHING you give. 

Our team of experts recommend this product as THE daily overall health formula.

FOUR products in one for the price of a good Vitamin supplement.

PLUS it is priced under market!  In addition it has shown to save up to 50% feeding costs because hay and grain are absorbed better. Pretty amazing stuff !! 

Check out the video below!

Daily Combo has clinically-effective levels of

  • natural digestive enzymes in a full clinically effective spectrum. Boosts absorption in the foregut, for protein, fats, simple carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals
  • Pre- and probiotics, for hind-gut balance and to increase beneficial gut flora
  • live yeast to boost the immune system naturally. Recent research has shown that gut and immune defense are tightly connected. 
  • a full-spectrum of daily vitamins and minerals

Daily Combo is one of Equolution®’s most powerful formulas.

Originally founded by veterinarian, nutritionist and scientist Dr. Gabi Gross, Equolution® is a revolutionary, results-oriented and drug-free approach to Equine health and performance.

Our master-minded group of horse-enthusiastic veterinarians and scientists made it their mission to improve equine healthcare and to empower owners through unbiased knowledge. 

Your horse needs digestive enzymes to absorb food properly. Naturally, these enzymes occur in fresh plants and grass, but are not contained in hay, grains or pellets.

This means without adding them back in to the diet, your horse is wasting most feed with the manure and gets deprived of essential nutrients because they cannot be absorbed.

Examples  for enzymes are :

Protease for protein digestion (protein as in concentrate feed, alfalfa, ration balancers..)

Lipase for fat digestion (as in rice bran, beet pulp, Omega oils, concentrate pellets)

Amylase for starch/grain digestion (starch and sugar as in oats, performance feeds, also the starch in low-starch feeds).

Adding enzymes to the horse diet reduces the risk for stomach and hind-gut ulcers, colics and other digestive disturbances which can otherwise be produced by wrongfully digested feed material. 

Owners and trainers report seeing these results:

  • Increased physical performance and –appearance
  • Improved mental focus and reduced anxiety
  • Reduced risk for colic, ulcers and other digestive upset
  • Boost of muscle- and topline development
  • More forward- drive and leg acceptance
  • Increased immune system
  • Reduction in feed bill up to 50 percent

The video is testimony why this formula makes everything else you are doing so much more effective.

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Daily Combo Health Booster 20 lbs

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